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Travel Mindfully

On this Pilgrimage, this journey of discovery, things for you to please consider are:


We all are going to be vegetarian during this trip and will eat food that will enable you to feel fit to complete your journey.  Vegetarian food is lighter and more suited to the heat as well as in keeping with the spiritual nature of the trip.


Please appreciate that we don't request you to not smoke because of ‘terms and conditions’ but for good health and as a mark of respect.  We always speak on this. I know it is very difficult for smokers to stop, because you are carrying this habit for a long time. We all should try to give up this habit as it is not good for health.  

Maybe we are not able to do it in spite of several attempts. You should persist and pray to God for the strength to resist and hope for success in the next attempt.  Persistent like a spider climbing a wall, if the spider falls, it tries again. The web of life always helps the spider to start again; it never falls to the ground. Take it easy; when the time is right nature will help you. Prayers will help you. Ritual will help you. Faith will help you, and most importantly, blessings will help you.                                     

If you are a smoker, and need to smoke from time to time then please: 

Do not smoke in public places because the Ministry of Health of India has restrictions that we should respect. See http://mohfw.nic.in

In my opinion, we should be particularly careful to avoid smoking in the following places:

  1. On the bus.
  2. During this journey we are going to various holy, high energy and powerful places such as Churches/Temples/Mosques and tombs of Holy Souls.                                                    Near these places and inside and outside of these places we have to totally avoid smoking because of holy reasons and to show respect.
  3. When we reach the Ganga River we have to be very - very careful regarding what we are doing. First we have pray to Holy Ganga  “Holy Mother – I am so grateful to you for giving me chance to visit you. I myself and my near and dear and my ancestors those who are not in physical form on behalf of them I am praying to you, please accept our prayer”. 
 As well as be very careful near the river side, as the water current is very fast and many angels are present around there. We should not do anything that can harm us.

We have to be very - very careful regarding everything we are doing.  We also have to be very alert to understand the soundings, to finally attain the 'object of this journey'

So please do not smoke while at or walking to and from the Holy Ganges. 

                                                 No Alcohol and No Drugs and No Substance Abuse:

No alcohol is permitted on the trip.  You all know drinking is not a good habit especially while you are on a spiritual journey as per many religions like Buddhism, Islam etc. While worshiping in spiritual places, we should not be drinking alcohol so we do not disturb the many old and invisible holy souls at these places. 

Although we may not see their annoyance with our eyes, we can experience it as hurdles and obstacles if they come in our journey. You also know we are on the journey to remove our obstacles, hurdles and blockages that have been bothering us for ages through many lives so it does not make sense to create more while on the path.

The same rules apply to other forms of intoxication and substances – none of these are allowed on this trip. Stay pure – in mind, in body and in soul for this journey to give you the most blessings.