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Devi Chandrabadani:

At a height of 2,277 m (7,470 ft) above sea level, Chandrabadani Temple is built on the top of the mountain, with a 360’ panoramic view of the Sirkanda, Kedarnath and Badrinath peaks. 

The temple is very small and contains a Shri-yantra carved out on a flat stone instead of any idol. Traditionally, a cloth canopy is tied to the ceiling over this Shri-yantra once a year and the Brahmin priest doing it has to do it blind-folded.

Legend states that the torso of Sati fell here and her weapons got scattered all around the place. 

Thus, even today huge number of iron trishuls (tridents) and some old statues can be seen lying around the revered temple of Chandrabadani.

Haridwar is the city of pilgrims and spirituality. As it is located in the banks of River Ganga, Hindus come from different regions to take a dip (for Immortalityand make their sins wash away. The city is also considered a mandate place for the rituals of death and birth. this is one of the seven holiest places for Hindus. 
As the dusk knocks in, the river banks get illuminated and evening arti is performed; and to attend this arti thousands of people gather. There are four venues for Kumbha Mela (Grandest Fair of India that takes place once in every three year), and out of these four, Haridwar happens to be one.