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Adi Badri Temple

Adi Badri is situated in a very old village. This is the place where the Veda’s were written.

Just like many others who felt something here, you will also experience the same.

Adi Badri is the first temple among the Sapta Badri temples. It is an ancient shrine dedicated to Vishnu. It is believad that Lord Vishnu used to to live here in Satyug,Treta and Dwapar.In Kalyug he shifted to Badrinath. That is why it is known as Ancient badri. Also, Maharishi Ved Viyas wrote shri Mad Bhagwat Maha Puran at this spot. Adi Badri is also considered as emerging spot of Saraswati River Adi Badri is part of famous Panch Badri of Uttarakhand. It is a group of sixteen temples, belonging to the Gupta period. Among them is the Narayan temple, where a blackstone idol of Vishnu, three feet high is enshrined. This place is within the Badrikshetra, and Badrinath being the name for Vishnu, the temple is known as the Adi Badri. Location of Adi Badri Adi Badri is a group of ancient temples located 17 kilometres from Karanprayag on the Karanprayag-Ranikhet road. Adi Badri in Uttarakhand is bestowed with such charisma and scenic grandeur that ardent devotees assemble there all round the year to discover eternal truth and peace. It is believed that Adi Guru Shankaracharya had initiated the construction of these temples. The main temple of Narayan is distinguished by a raised platform in the pyramidal form, where the black stone idol of Lord Vishnu is enshrined.