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The Church of Our Lady of Vailankanni, signs in English, Hindi and Tamil. Devotees in many more tongues and faiths—Mata Mariyam ke bhakt, as the Hindi goes. 

The church is named for the Basilica of Our Lady of Health in Vailankanni, Tamil Nadu, renowned for its miracles. Built here in 1959, it's unlike any Catholic church you have ever seen.

On weekends, there are children lining up in the small yard outside for a free Langar (meals from the kitchen). Inside the not very large church, things are even more informal and chilled out, without ceasing to be religious in the least. 

Out in the front, near the altar, a man in a plain blue shirt ties black thread to supplicants. A woman in a sari moves around the altar railing, blessing those who kneel to pray with the crown of Our Lady. There are no vestments or white robes in sight. 

It all seems very informal, including the kids running around. Not all those who come are Tamil, or even Christians. In fact, both seem in a minority at this church, which by the looks of it attracts a far more diverse, largely working class following. There's a huge Rath or chariot parked in one corner of the yard, and on the feast day in September, a procession—thousands strong—goes down on the streets of south Delhi.