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The purpose of this trip is to achieve the ultimate goal of life for that we have to be grounded as well as self-disciplined. 

You have very wisely chosen your path, to be a student of spirituality and natural sciences now in this age and stage of your life you need to have a disciplined and proper lifestyle. 

This will help you at least 75% of what you are trying to achieve. To enable the cultivation of this: 

      •  While interacting & connecting with others is important, we should endeavor to incorporate a certain amount of peaceful silence, respect  and privacy of others in the group.
      • Be open with yourself, try to discover yourself, as well as, try to listen to your inner voice. Be honest with yourself.
      • If you want respect from others first you give them respect, then you will receive it from them. Do not go so close to anybody that it gets difficult for you to get back to yourself. Do not enter anyone’s life to flood them, when the drought will come, then nether you nor person will not have the tears to bear it.
      • Communicate through the silence and try to understand other people through the silence.
      • Remember Forgiveness is an Ornament. Confession is a Fragrance.
I look forward to your upcoming visit.