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Dear Spiritualists,

During my overseas trips last year I was fortunate to meet so many different people at so many different places who want to connect with Spirituality. I was delighted to discuss and share with you my knowledge on many subjects like wellbeing,

I also discussed about the spiritual group pilgrimages to the Himalayas and Mother Ganga to empower ourselves .

I am a practitioner and a teacher of meditation, alternative medicine as well as natural and spiritual sciences. I teach these subjects to a broad spectrum of people, from young children, teenagers, middle age adults and senior citizens.

We all have to work on “re-fixing the human clock”. This entails working with our natural biological clock to bring humans back to the same platform of life from where they are supposed to function and where they were born to function from. 

Success and failure; our health status and many other aspects of our lives all depend upon how we conduct and behave in our day to day life. We are also influenced by our karma, the planetary influences, on our time of conception as well as the time of our birth.

I have a few techniques and methods of prayer that we will practice on this Himalayan journey.  Prayers like the prayer of waters at Mother Ganga with honey, milk and coconut etc. Practicing fire prayer with special herbs and offerings. Visiting ancient temples from where we all will get blessings and best wishes. 

We should never allow our nervousness and a weak mind to control us. It becomes the prime cause of ill health. When nervousness occurs, it causes severe anxiety. Negative thoughts can weaken and disturb and distract from your path.

Whatever method you use, keep in mind “I will win, I will defeat this”. Positive thinking comes with the grace of God. If your belief and your faith in God are strong, you can overcome the most difficult obstacles.

With vast experience of more than 30 years in meditation, astrology, alternative medicine, natural and spiritual sciences, I invite you to come to Himalayas and get the blessing to generate happiness and peace in your life.  

Looking forward to welcoming you all to India on Thursday 16th February 2018, we will be together until Saturday 24th February 2018. During this stay we are going to cover a long distance by road/ bus, the maps are given below along with an itinerary.  During these 6 days we are going to cover approximately 1800km.

God Bless,

Master Shashi

Please click on this link to access the invite for Feburary 2018