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Winter time, Himalayas, India

Dear Spiritualists,

Some of you visited here before, some are preparing to visit for the first time.


I want to bring to your knowledge the importance of this trip & as a result of such an adventure what are you going to achieve?


This will be a journey of further self-discovery for you. This trip will provide you with rejuvenation, focus, & an opportunity to connect with yourself. The most important thing which we have to understand is that time does not stop for anyone, if we lose today without improving, evolving or correcting ourselves, the opportunity is gone forever. My purpose is not to teach or explain to you or to bring the truth in front of you, but to guide you to analyze your personal situation and to improve yourself using your own strengths.


In order to prepare for your arrival, the Indus Routes team here in India and Ireland are making some very special preparations to receive you and make your trip memorable and enjoyable.  


In these weeks before you reach India please prepare yourself spiritually for this trip. Please go through the points I have put below highlighting the ways of improving ourselves, with the focus on:


Habits- Letting go of the bad ones and adopting good ones.

Will Power- strengthening it for the good things and letting go the bad.

Purpose of life- A topic which we have covered before as well, this time using a different approach.


When you reach here we will have the discussions and I will answer all your questions and reply to all your quires.  


Looking forward to receiving you.

Please click on this link to access the web invite.